Blissfully Living, LLC was created by me, Rebecca M. Simons with the intent to help others live their bliss. A firm believer that we are created by God for goodness, a purpose and to be our most awesome authentic selves. I love to help people realize just how fabulous and beloved they are!

I grew up in rural Wisconsin, but now call Chicago home. I love water, rooftop bars, OrangeTheory, drinking carbonation and the Divine. I have had encounters with a blissful life and I’ve had encounters with a horrendously painful life. I much prefer the former.

After my most recent bout with a painful life experience (my second divorce) I worked hard to seize and keep in the center of my life how loved, unique and awesome I am. This doesn’t mean that life suddenly got easy – it most definitely did not.

After surviving my near-death divorce experience, I realized how many other women have suffered extreme grief and loss following their own divorce. I wanted to help divorced women come into their own and help them realize that their past does not define them and that be leveraging their power of choice this could actually be the best part of their lives.

I am an internationally best selling author and keynote speaker with a master’s degree in theology. With over two decades of experience leading small groups, teaching, speaking, and facilitating workshops to a variety of groups I bring an extensive amount of experience and expertise to all whom I have the privilege of working with. Not to mention a sassy, accessible approach to get you living blissfully!